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The Innovation Summit: The Better Bookkeepers Experience

Inspiration, motivation, and enriching ideas filled the Sunrise Event Center on the first of March at this year’s annual Innovation Summit. The Vacaville Chamber of Commerce and partners hosted a variety of speakers—each with their own unique story of entrepreneurialism and passion—very much living up to the name of the event in the “innovative” concepts of business and life they presented.

For Better Bookkeepers' Alex and Nathalia who attended the event, they recalled the biggest highlight being first keynote speaker, William K. Wesley, author of multiple books including “Full Life Balance: The Five Keys to the Kingdom” and “Open in Case of Emergency: The Happiness Factor” as well as director of year-round wellness workshops, seminars, and coaching curriculum.

Alex recounted that the biggest takeaway for her was Wesley’s call to “Show up every day. No matter what. Show up every day” encouraging the business community that joined together for the event to live each day present.

Oftentimes, we can find ourselves in the autopilot of routine and just moving through the motions. Wesley charged the crowd with truly “showing up” in your own life, connecting with the people around you—to which Alex took to heart.

Specifically, Alex reiterated the impactful lesson: “Instead of waiting to enjoy the end result, enjoy the process in getting to the end result. I’m always like, ‘I can’t wait until this. I can’t wait until this.'”

Owner, Kristie, chimed in, “You don’t want to get through it. You want to enjoy it while it’s happening.”

Alex agreed with, “Yeah, maybe I’ll miss eating Top Ramen on the couch with [boyfriend] Jose in our little house when we have our big one. Stuff like that.”

While an urge to be present in daily life resonated with Alex, the empowering concept of “failing forward” stuck with Nathalia: “I really like that he said ‘fail forward.’ It’s pretty much that you’re going to fail, you’re going to make mistakes, but you’re not going to beat yourself up for that. That hit me because that day, I had made a mistake. It hit me really hard because I was going through that exact process.”

Finally, the bookkeepers enjoyed Wesley’s four points in his latest book, “Open in Case of Emergency: The Happiness Factor.”

Alex shared, “I really liked the four factors he had in there which were to laugh, listen, care, and compare. I think you can utilize these as a professional and personally. As a professional, learn to laugh when there’s an error in the workplace. In your personal life, listen. Listen to yourself. Care—what do you care about? Why? What motivates you? And to compare who you were before and who you want to be instead of comparing yourself to others."

In all, the Innovation Summit continues to prove to be an event well worth considering bringing your team to. Business so easily spills into personal life and the purpose of the Innovation Summits as seen in the topics and quality of the speakers is to equip yourself to learn how to balance both and balance them well.


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