Meet The Team

Alex Martinez


Kristie Gardner


In 2007, Kristie set out to begin a bookkeeping company modeled after her own life mission: to deeply impact people’s lives with support, grace, and love.


Consistently in her vernacular are the words, “I don’t want us to be like everyone else.” Blood, sweat, and tears have gone into the making of an amazing work culture, a thriving business, and a growing team. Though she would be quick to give the credit to her employees and her greatest supporters, Kristie is the one who gives behind the scenes day in and day out to see those around her succeed.


She is known for her caring spirit, tender compassion, and enveloping warmth that makes everyone she meets feel like instant family. That is what makes her a business owner worth supporting and a leader worth following.  


Kristie has only begun to build the influential legacy that she will leave for her son, Christian, in the lives she has changed, the paths she has plowed, and the way she has already made the world a better place.

Celebrity Crush: Jason Momoa

Super Power: Seeing the glass as always half full


Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving 

Starbucks Order: Black Tea with Simple Syrup on Ice 

Greatest Lesson Learned From 2020: Humility, stress is just an illusion, life is too short, don’t waste an opportunity to get tipsy with your bestie, and sometimes you need to vacation in the middle of the week.


Teresa Garcia


In the spring of 2017, Better Bookkeepers received its biggest blessing when a beautiful, petite mother of two came in to interview for an open office assistant position. After some time as a stay-at-home mom, Teresa was readier than ever to reenter the workforce. When she walked through the doors of our previous, tiny downtown location, who knew that within months, she would become a pinnacle part of the team. The system of heartfelt support she’s created in the years since goes unmatched to this day.  


In addition to keeping the daily wheels of the office turning, Teresa is our in-house expert on Live Scanning, our digital fingerprinting service, and in providing notaries. With a pleasant phone presence and exceptional client care, Mama Teresa continues to be the heart of the office and the backbone of the team. 

Celebrity Crush: George Clooney

Super Power: Talking people off the ledge 

Favorite Holiday: 


Starbucks Order: Pikes Place with Splenda and Cream

Greatest Lesson Learned From 2020: To not take anything for granted – tomorrow isn’t promised



Alex began her journey with Better Bookkeepers in April of 2016. Her background in the military fuels her drive for excellence, but her motivation comes solely from her desire to build a bright future for her son, Carson James.


If you know her, you know she’s a stellar bookkeeper. Nonetheless, she prefers to be called the “Best of the West” both inside and outside the office. 


In addition to constantly leaving the team in stitches, Alex’s shining qualities are the excellence of her bookkeeping work and her ability to build thriving relationships with her clients. Alex began with a few files and quickly worked her way up to handling several, becoming a pinnacle part of the team while also training up newbies to perform with the same vigorous work ethic. 

Celebrity Crush: Mark Wahlburg

Super Power: Can find out anything you want to know

Favorite Holiday: Christmas


Starbucks Order: Venti Iced White Mocha (decaf) , only two pumps of white mocha, sweet cream instead of whipped cream, & extra caramel drizzle.

Greatest Lesson Learned From 2020: Not everyone is going to have the same heart as you


Brittany Tapparo


Brittany has been a part of our work family since 2018 in various different roles, and because of her infectious personality and marketing expertise we couldn’t bear to let her go! Now as our Marketing Director, Brittany is behind the shining social media of Bottoms Up Tanning & Spa as well as in the process of expanding the department as a whole. 


Although marketing wasn’t her game plan, Brittany rapidly excelled at it due to various reasons. Her strong passion for people and ability to help small businesses reach their goals by adapting to their needs are just a few of many we can name. Brittany is also always knowledgeable about current social trends, making her the social sensei that every business needs!


Brittany’s bright and creative personality not only makes her thrive in her current position, but additionally is what keeps spirits high and brings smiles to our faces in the office regularly. Brittany has, and will continue to rock the marketing world!


Celebrity Crush: The Salvatore Brothers 

Super Power: Making everyone laugh… and shopping!

Favorite Holiday: Christmas for ALL the holiday things, 4th of July for the BBQs and family fun.

Starbucks Order: Pumpkin Cold Brew because #basic 

Greatest Lesson Learned From 2020: It is okay to not be okay.


Terri Brawner


Terri joined Better Bookkeepers thanks to a friend referring her to the business in the fall of 2018. She has quickly made herself at home in the bustle of our unique work environment and taken full charge of multiple client files. 


With her pleasant demeanor and carefully crafted input, Terri not only provides a calming balance to the team, but also brings much-needed wisdom. Oftentimes, you can trust that Terri will interject in a meeting to provide the exact encouragement or perspective that the whole staff needed to hear. Each member of the team would attest to that feeling of talking with Terri—experiencing her gentle nods and patient attentiveness—and then getting beautifully blindsided with a timely joke that completely breaks the moment in the best way. 


Celebrity Crush: Jesus

Super Power: Patience

Favorite Holiday: Easter

Starbucks Order: Black Tea Lemonade 

Greatest Lesson Learned From 2020: To be prepared for anything!


Anna Bandettini



Nichole Penn


Nichole came aboard the Better Bookkeepers team summer of 2020 after years of the owner hoping to hire her. With her strong background in small business accounting, there was no doubt that she would be the perfect fit. 


Nichole’s light and bubbly personality immediately brightened up our office post-pandemic and we couldn’t be more grateful. With her natural knack for bookkeeping and hardworking attitude she has become quite vital to our team.


Outside of work, Nichole could be considered a supermom! She has a strong sense of family and is unwaveringly loyal to them; reminding us how sacred family truly is. Nichole surprises and inspires us every day with her various talents, from her nearly professional baking ability to her noteworthy dance skills. Consistently we are impressed by the gift that is Nichole, and do not think she plans to slow down any time soon. 

Celebrity Crush: Tom Hardy

Super Power: Baking Queen

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Starbucks Order: Unsweetened Iced Green Tea or a Dirty Chai Latte


Greatest Lesson Learned From 2020: Life is short, hold to one another and love with everything that you are.

Autumn of 2019 brought Anna to our office, and little did we know how much we needed her. Anna quickly went to work at perfecting each aspect of our office experience from making sure spaces were organized to aiding our bookkeepers so they can be efficient as possible. 


In no time at all, we began to realize Anna’s natural ability to excel at any task thrown at her. Bookkeeping, managing, encouraging; she can do it all! It is her diligent work ethic paired with her acute intelligence that makes her truly indispensable to our office family. 


Anna’s daughter, Alex, is also a part of our office family who she has the opportunity to work and collaborate with often. It is clear that family is the most important value to Anna and everything she does, she does for those she loves. Everyday we are reminded of just how fortunate we are to have her at the office!

Celebrity Crush: Tom Ellis

Super Power: Jack Of All Trades 

Favorite Holiday: July 4th

Starbucks Order: Thinks our office spends too much money at starbucks!

Greatest Lesson Learned From 2020: Family is first and never take life for granted. Respect everyone!