Meet The Team

Kristie Gardner


In 2007, Kristie set out to begin a bookkeeping company modeled after her own life mission: to deeply impact people’s lives with support, grace, and love.


Consistently in her vernacular are the words, “I don’t want us to be like everyone else.” Blood, sweat, and tears have gone into the making of an amazing work culture, a thriving business, and a growing team. Though she would be quick to give the credit to her employees and her greatest supporters, Kristie is the one who gives behind the scenes day in and day out to see those around her succeed.


She is known for her caring spirit, tender compassion, and enveloping warmth that makes everyone she meets feel like instant family. That is what makes her a business owner worth supporting and a leader worth following.  


Kristie has only begun to build the influential legacy that she will leave for her son, Christian, in the lives she has changed, the paths she has plowed, and the way she has already made the world a better place.

Ultimate celebrity crush: Chris Hemsworth


Secret skill: Can roof a house with the help of her pink toolbelt


Biggest pet peeve: People who are unauthentic or being lied to


Something she will never turn down: Señorita bread


Go to karaoke song: Wasted by Carrie Underwood 

Teresa Garcia


In the spring of 2017, Better Bookkeepers received its biggest blessing when a beautiful, petite mother of two came in to interview for an open office assistant position. After some time as a stay-at-home mom, Teresa was readier than ever to reenter the workforce. When she walked through the doors of our previous, tiny downtown location, who knew that within months, she would become a pinnacle part of the team. The system of heartfelt support she’s created in the years since goes unmatched to this day.  


In addition to keeping the daily wheels of the office turning, Teresa is our in-house expert on Live Scanning, our digital fingerprinting service, and in providing notaries. With a pleasant phone presence and exceptional client care, Mama Teresa continues to be the heart of the office and the backbone of the team. 

Ultimate celebrity crush: George Clooney 


Secret skill: Open ears, closed mouth—she is a vault! 


Biggest pet peeve: People who play the victim and have no accountability


Something she will never turn down: Beef jerky and a cold diet Pepsi


Go to karaoke song: Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield 

Matea Langston


Matea jumped aboard our team in June of 2019 just in time for summer. Having just gotten out of college with a degree in Psychology she was ready, and full of excitement and innovation to take on her new role . 


Matea is a highly motivated, brilliant, and creative individual. Her deepest desire is to make the world a more kinder place. With her authentic kindness she is able to establish genuine connection with anyone she meets. 

Matea has exceeded all expectations in her new role, and shown that she is a hardworking, marketing magician. She gets the best of both worlds by marketing for both Better Bookkeepers and Bottoms Up, loving every facet of her job. Her motto is the world is her oyster and plans to keep making the most of every day. 

Ultimate celebrity crush: Mena Massoud 


Secret skill: Great Value brand of Joanna Gaines— will interior design your home for you.


Biggest pet peeve: Social Injustice


Something she will never turn down: Sunday Brunch 


Go to karaoke song: Super Trouper From Mamma Mia

Terri Brawner


Terri joined Better Bookkeepers thanks to a friend referring her to the business in the fall of 2018. She has quickly made herself at home in the bustle of our unique work environment and taken full charge of multiple client files. 


With her pleasant demeanor and carefully crafted input, Terri not only provides a calming balance to the team, but also brings much-needed wisdom. Oftentimes, you can trust that Terri will interject in a meeting to provide the exact encouragement or perspective that the whole staff needed to hear. Each member of the team would attest to that feeling of talking with Terri—experiencing her gentle nods and patient attentiveness—and then getting beautifully blindsided with a timely joke that completely breaks the moment in the best way. 


Ultimate celebrity crush: Will Smith


Secret skill: Besides dishing the best jokes, being an amazing cook


Biggest pet peeve: Whining 


Something she will never turn down: A hug 


Go to karaoke song: Go Tell it On the Mountain 

Debra Deans


Debra, more commonly known as Deb around the office, came and joined our office family as the perfect Christmas gift in the winter of 2019. After 20+ years of commuting, Deb was eager to settle in at small and local business to continue doing what she loves: Bookkeeping.

With her patient and steady demeanor, she has quickly balanced out our sometimes wild and hectic office, in addition to successfully balancing a handful of our client’s books! What drew Deb into the lustrous career of bookkeeping was the bookkeeper’s ability to restore order to the chaos that can be someone’s books. One thing everyone in our office can tell you for certain is that Deb’s quiet joyfulness has been a shining light of encouragement in the office that we feel constantly blessed to have. 


Ultimate celebrity crush: Keanu Reeves


Secret skill: Patience (which she most likely has to exercise frequently with us)


Biggest pet peeve: Aging


Something she will never turn down: Expensive Champagne


Go to karaoke song: Hit the Road Jack

Alex Bandettini


Alex began her journey with Better Bookkeepers in April of 2016. Her background in the military fuels her drive for excellence, but her motivation comes solely from her desire to build a bright future for her son, Carson James.


If you know her, you know she’s a stellar bookkeeper. Nonetheless, she prefers to be called the “Best of the West” both inside and outside the office. 


In addition to constantly leaving the team in stitches, Alex’s shining qualities are the excellence of her bookkeeping work and her ability to build thriving relationships with her clients. Alex began with a few files and quickly worked her way up to handling several, becoming a pinnacle part of the team while also training up newbies to perform with the same vigorous work ethic. 

Ultimate celebrity crush: Mark Wahlberg


Secret skill: Private Investigator (seriously she could open up a side business)


Biggest pet peeve: Sense of entitlement 


She will never turn down: Tacos


Go to karaoke song: I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor 

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