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Notary and Live Scan

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Live Scan

$40 rolling fee

additional DOJ and FBI fees may apply

by appointment only 

What is Live Scanning?

How Much Will it Cost?

Live Scanning/Digital Fingerprinting is submitting your fingerprints for processing to the Department of Justice of the United States and/or the FBI. 

Industries such as childcare, security guards, home aid caretakers and others require employees to be Live Scanned for employment.

Better Bookkeepers charges a flat-rate of $35.00 in rolling fees. The DOJ and FBI charge their own set of fees based on what you are getting Live Scanned for and we collect those charges in one transaction. These fees can range from $20.00-$100.00. Contact us to inquire on full amount.

What Do I Need to Bring?

1. Your Request for Live Scan Form from the company/agency requesting for you to be Live Scanned, completed.

2. A current, valid ID


3. Payment for rolling and DOJ and FBI fees

Where and When Do I Go?

Come to Better Bookkeepers

1019 Alamo Drive

Vacaville, CA 95687

Tuesday-Thursday, 9am-5pm 

Friday: By Appointment Only


Don't put off to tomorrow what you can accomplish today.

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After your Livescan:

You can check the status of your livescan application by visiting here.

Please note it could take more than 30 days for the government to process your application. Better Bookkeepers does not receive the results of your live scan. 

Employer Accounts for Batch Live Scans

If you're an employer who often requires incoming employees to be Live Scanned, bypass the reimbursements and billing numbers and set up an account directly with Better Bookkeepers to simplify the process.

We can designate for all or partial Live Scan fees to be debited directly from your business account to accommodate your employees.

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