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Selfcare During Your Workday

Focus on what makes you happy!

March is packed with days that provide you an excuse to be happy and celebrate so let’s take advantage of that! International Women's Day, Employee Appreciation, St. Patrick's Day, Happiness Day, Puppy Day… I mean what screams happiness more than a PUPPY!! We want to challenge you to do something that brings you joy every single day this month. Don’t worry we have some ideas on how to make this easier than it might sound.

A great place to start this challenge is during your workday. Adding in some selfcare in between your job duties can provide you with a less stressful and more productive day overall! Now, we understand not everyone has the ability to book an hour facial in the middle of their workday… Here is a list of small activities that are manageable:

✨ Take a walk outside your office building

✨ Positive affirmations in the bathroom mirror

✨ 5 minutes dance party in the supply closet

✨ Buy fancy creamer for your in office coffee

✨ Wake up 30 minutes earlier to practice a morning routine (skincare, stretching, healthy breakfast)

✨ Write down 3 moments that made you smile at the end of your workday

✨ Call a loved one on your break and catch up

These may seem small but creating a habit out of them can leave you happier with your day! My personal favorite is the 5 minute dance party!


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