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Save Big on Back-to-School Shopping with These Tips!

With summer approaching its end and coronavirus restrictions loosening, many parents are eagerly awaiting to send their children back to the classroom which means Back-to-School shopping has made its sweet return. With that in mind, you can follow these money-saving tips to cut down costs and make sure you’re getting the most for your dollar!

See What You Have at Home Before Going to the Store!

Before you grab your car keys and put your shoes on to head to the store, look around your house and see what materials on your student’s Back-to-School list you already have at home. Most Back-to-School lists have several common household items such as pencils and pens, ziplock bags, and notebooks.

Look around your house to see what you already have available, chances are you can cross off a few items from your list already. School supplies can add up, so taking this extra step can save you money before you even head to the store.

Check Local Stores for Coupons, then Online for the Best Price!

Always check your newspapers for back-to-school specials! Local stores typically have Back-to-School season sales events and two of the most convenient things about buying locally are that you don’t have to worry about shipping costs or wait for your items. Remember that you can also get decent school supplies at dollar stores as well!

Think you can find it cheaper online? Then open up your web browser and double-check to see if you can find a better price. Just remember to factor in shipping and other associated costs as well.

Need to Purchase Textbooks? Rent or Buy Second-Hand Instead!

Does your student’s school require you to supply your own textbooks? Look at renting them from an online wholesaler or buying them second-hand instead. Textbooks are oftentimes the most expensive item on one’s back-to-school list, but there’s no rule saying that all textbooks need to be new. As long as the version number is the same, there should be no problem!

There are plenty of great websites online that sell or rent used textbooks for a fraction of the cost. Alternatively, you can also opt to buy the digital copy instead if your student’s school allows it. These digital copies can be great because they usually come at a cheaper cost than a printed version.

Now that you’ve read this list, you can begin your back-to-school shopping and prepare your student to succeed this school year!

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