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How to Support Small Businesses During This Holiday Season

With the season of giving approaching quickly, many are beginning to find gifts for friends and family and ways to donate their time. However, instead of going straight to corporate or online retailers consider supporting those who need it most: your local small businesses.

Below are three ways that you can support a small business.

1. Cross off your Christmas Shopping List at Local Retailers

One of the easiest and most obvious ways to support a local business is to buy their products. We all have many people on our Christmas Lists such as friends, family, bosses and coworkers to name a few.

Instead of going straight to the outlets or the mall, consider stopping by local boutiques and shops first. Chances are you’ll find many unique gifts and apparel that aren’t sold at your big box stores.

2. Get Gift Cards/Gift Certificates to Local Restaurants and Eateries

Not sure what to get your friends or coworkers? Consider buying them gift cards to local restaurants or eateries. The restaurant industry was one of the industries that suffered the most as a result of the pandemic, with over 110,000 restaurants closing in 2020 and those that did manage to make it out of the pandemic could use your support!

Gift cards give people the flexibility to choose what they want so they can apply to anyone. Not to mention that buying gifts cards to local restaurants can inspire people to branch out and try new places they’ve never been.

3. Volunteer Your Time with Local Non-Profits

If you can’t support a local business by buying their products directly, there are still other ways to support them. Many non-profit organizations had to let staff go as a result of budget cuts, so another way to help is by volunteering your time with local charities or non-profit groups. While volunteer work and opportunities may differ from each organization, one thing remains the same: you can help a meaningful cause.

This year remember to keep small businesses in mind and remember that your seemingly small decisions can make a big impact on the local businesses in your area!


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