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5 Valentine’s Day Ideas For 2021

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and every year people wait till the last-minute to find a meaningful gift or plan the perfect date for the special people in their lives. With regional closures of indoor dining and other COVID-19 restrictions in place, many will have to think of more creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day outside of the traditional romantic dinner date.

Look no further, below are five suggestions for creative Valentine’s Day ideas that will impress your significant other.

#1: Plan a picnic in your backyard or living room

Enjoy quality time with your loved one by having a picnic in your backyard. Support a local grocery store by picking up items for a DIY charcuterie board and your favorite bottle of wine. Set up a blanket and pillows and bring a small speaker or a book for the perfect stay-at-home date.

Don’t have a backyard? No worries, plan an indoor picnic in your living room or walk down to your local park and pick a secluded spot to have your romantic picnic date!

#2: Explore nature and go on a hike

Visit your go-to hiking spot or visit a road less traveled by looking up a list of open trails in your area. Going on a scenic hike and exploring the great outdoors makes for a terrific way to spend quality time together and gives you the opportunity to get away from your every-day home environment.

Enjoy quality conversation and the beautiful scenery while getting some exercise in together. Not to mention, its easy on the wallet!

#3: Get dressed up and cook a romantic dinner at home

Find a new recipe online or find local restaurants that are offering Make-It-Yourself Valentine’s Dinners at home such as The Barn and Pantry in Dixon. Set the dining room table and light the candles, turn on your choice of music and roll your sleeves up to make your own version of a romantic dinner. Cooking dinner together is a great way to have fun at home.

Afraid of making a mess in the kitchen? Get dressed up and order take out from a local restaurant instead. Be sure to leave a tip!

#4: Write a sentimental letter or make a homemade Valentine’s Day gift

Nothing says, “I love you” quite like a handwritten love letter. Write down your favorite things about your significant other, talk about your best memories, and make them feel appreciated for everything they do for you.

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#5: Make a care package of their favorite items

Worried that a handwritten letter shows too much commitment or too scared to express your true feelings? Take baby steps! Make your “liked” one a care package of their favorite items such as candies, body scrubs and lotions, flowers and a gift card to their favorite spa or salon!

We hope this list gives you inspiration for your Valentine’s Day plans. And remember Valentine’s Day isn’t about the gifts, but the quality time spent with your loved ones!


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