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Ten Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health

In honor of World Mental Health Day being October 10th, this month's blog features ten different ways you can take better care of your mental health. There is a stigma that physical health is more important than mental health, but that is not the case!

Your physical health and mental health are not only connected but deeply intertwined. It is important to take care of both to truly pursue total wellness!

1. Don't bottle up your feelings!

It is essential that you do not hold onto negative feelings, regardless of if you're trying to keep peace or not. Research shows that those who carry these emotions are more prone to worse physical health outcomes than those who freely communicate how they feel.

2. Take some intentional time away from your phone.

Sometimes you just need to unplug. Although a phone can be a useful tool of connection, many times it can lead people to feeling more isolated. Set an amount of time dedicated to keeping your phone out of sight, maybe in another room and see how you feel after. Try and make a habit of doing this regularly.

3. Clean

Your physical space can be contributing how you feel. Do your best to clean your house or room and it may make you feel better instantly.

4. Create routine

Restoring order to your daily life can take off some of the stress you may be experiencing, and now you are able to use more of your mental energy to work through some of the other things that may be on your mind.

5. Talk nicely to yourself

Negative self talk is detrimental to your mental health. Try practicing talking to yourself the way you would talk to your best friend.

6. Ask for help!

You don't have to do it all yourself. It's perfectly fine to know your limits, it is when you try to exceed them that you do damage to your mental health. Remember you're only human, and you can't do it all.

7. Exercise

When you exercise you release endorphins that are proven to make you feel good. A good workout and little bit of sweat might be just when you need.

8. Sleep more

Not getting enough sleep can be exacerbating your mental health problems. Get a full nights sleep and see how it helps in managing your negative and challenging emotions.

9. Smile and laugh

Sometimes doing something that makes you just feel good, even if it's temporary happiness, can help your boost your overall well being.

10. Self Care

Take some time to really take care of yourself mentally and physically. Take a bath, meditate, or get a pedicure. Self care isn't selfish and you must commit yourself to the regular practice as a way of taking care of your mental health!

These are only a few of the many ways we believe you can take better care of your mental health. Today is the perfect day to start! Tag us in pictures all month long of your #selfcaresunday activites to get reposted, and don't forget that mental health is just as important as physical health!

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