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Christmas In July

Before you start pulling out your Christmas tree and Rubbermaid of festive wrapping paper, let us clarify: it is time to start thinking about Christmas because it is July. It may seem too far out to be thinking about, but the financial toll Christmas takes can affect you all year long and bring much unneeded stress to your life.

Many of my friends who have larger families have told me that when the whimsy that comes with Christmas and New Years celebrations begin die down, they are left with stress over the debt they accumulated within the span of a month. This is why we wanted to tell you all the benefits of starting to think and plan for Christmas now!

It might seem absurd to begin planning when we have a full five months, but think about how much Christmas gifts, traditions, celebrations, and decorations actually cost you. According to a consumer spending survey, it was estimated Americans spent about $1,007.24 on Christmas in 2018. This is about equal to the cost of what someone will pay for themselves to go on vacation!

Most people start saving at least three to six months before a vacation to make sure they are prepared for anything that could happen as well as giving them the wiggle room to splurge if they want to. If Christmas costs the same as vacation, why not save for it like it is vacation?

Another reason to start saving for Christmas now is because life is unexpected. There are many things that can happen from now until December that has the potential to bring chaos to your life and finances. From unfortunate circumstances such as car accidents to happy ones like your daughter getting engaged, there are things that come up that we have not gotten the opportunity to save or plan for.

If you were to start saving for Christmas now, and something financially demanding did spring itself upon you, you now have the extra finances to make a plan that does not completely overwhelm you.

Or… you can start saving early because you’re excited! The more you save, the more you can make your home feel like the North Pole.

We hope these tips make Christmas this year less stressful and more joyful!

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