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Keep Your Kiddos Entertained This Summer

Warmer weather brings summer vacation, which means kids are out of school and are ready for a fun packed break! Not everyone is financially able to take the whole family on an extravagant Mediterranean vacation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan the most memorable summer yet! I have some ideas on how to surprise your kids with a summer break they will never forget without breaking the bank!

Trick Them into Responsibility

Planting a garden can be very rewarding for you and your kids! Not only is it something you can do together as a family, but it teaches them responsibility while having a blast! Let them pick out what they want to grow and make them responsible for certain plants or certain parts of the growth stages. You don’t have to create a grocery store in your backyard, but a few plants will keep them excited for the finished product! Another tip is to incorporate some flowers that will attract butterflies. Not only will your child love the beautiful flowers, but they will also get to see the pretty butterflies enjoying their flowers as well.

Enjoy Nature

To a child the idea of getting out of the house is usually enough to excite them! You don’t need to plan a long expensive trip to create memories. Try instead a day trip to the beach or lake. We are fortunate enough to live close to both bodies of water in Northern California. Nothing beats a day of sand castles and seashell hunting! Dillon beach is one of the best because it is very family friendly, equipped with beach BBQs, and has a general store in case you forgot to pack something in your beach bag. Lake Berryessa is also a close outdoor adventure that is not limited to chilling by the lake. If you have an adventurous little guy or girl, you could try a hiking trail and maybe find a rope swing to test out.

Get Active

Make it a routine a couple times a week to go on a family walk in the evening. This will help promote physical activity, but also give your family quality time together. Invite a friend or two to join and stop by a local park along the way to really tire your little kiddos out.

Sign them up for a local swim club. Swimming is the perfect combination of exercise and entertainment in one. Local swim clubs and classes provide a safe place for your child to socialize and beat the heat this summer.

Local Summer Clubs

Just because the kids are out on break doesn’t mean you can stop showing up to work. This often causes a lot of issues with childcare. To help alleviate some of this stress you could research summer classes and camps that are happening in your area! Vacaville has many programs that are offered throughout summer to keep your kids happy and active. You can pick and choose the activities to make them fit within your budget. Check out your city’s local events page to see what they offer!

More Tips + Tricks

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