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Brittany: Marketing Director

Social Sensei

Brittany is our Marketing Director and Bottoms Up Tanning & Spa Manager, but when it comes down to it, she’s a professional social butterfly known as the Social Sensei!

Brittany began with us at Kristie’s second business, Bottoms Up, in the summer of 2018. A recent college grad from Sonoma State University, Brittany was looking to take a break while applying for future nursing programs. She quickly fell in love with the values, culture, and objectives of both Better Bookkeepers and Bottoms Up Tanning & Spa and thus began a journey with the team.

Consistently displaying strong interpersonal and team building skills, Brittany is the shining light in the office and salon, keeping spirits high and bringing smiles to faces.

As her position of Marketing Director continues to develop, Brittany hopes to expand her knowledge in this field, hoping to take greater ownership over the marketing strategies of both companies.

Filling such vital roles in both Better Bookkeepers and Bottoms Up, Brittany loves that these companies offer “a safe place for me to learn and develop.”

Marketing was never her game plan and Brittany shares that she really “stumbled upon it,” but for someone moving in an unexpected direction, she is excelling at a rapid pace.

She hopes this next year to be, “rocking the marketing world!”

If she isn’t brainstorming marketing ideas and holding the salon together, Brittany can be found with her family or grabbing drinks with friends.

Fun Facts about the Social Sensei:

Ultimate Celebrity Crush: Michael B. Jordan

Semi Celebrity Crush: Johnny Bananas

Secret Skill: Can fall asleep literally anywhere at any time

Biggest Pet Peeve: Being snuggled or talked down to

She Will Never Turn Down: An adventure with friends!

Go to Karaoke Song: Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

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