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Terri: Bookkeeper

Ruler of Results

The title “bookkeeper” doesn’t fully encompass all that is the laser-focused and self-determined team member that is our Terri, so we had to give her the mantle of “Ruler of Results” instead.

Terri joined Better Bookkeepers thanks to a friend referring her to the business in the fall of 2018. She has quickly made herself at home in the bustle of our unique work environment and taken full charge of multiple client files.

With her pleasant demeanor and carefully crafted input, Terri not only provides a calming balance to the team, but also brings much-needed wisdom. Oftentimes, you can trust that Terri will interject in a meeting to provide the exact encouragement or perspective that the whole staff needed to hear. Each member of the team would attest to that feeling of talking with Terri—experiencing her gentle nods and patient attentiveness—and then getting beautifully blindsided with a timely joke that completely breaks the moment in the best way.

She may be the “Ruler of Results,” but Terri knows there’s always time for a sassy quip.

When exploring an area Terri wants to see growth in this next year, she touched on “education and refining my training on client files.” With her sixty-fifth birthday coming up, Terri is hoping that in a few years’ time, she’ll be able to happily retire!

This time next year, Terri says she sees herself “being in the holy land”

Terri giggled when she shared that her favorite part of spending each business day with the Better Bookkeepers family is “all the fun, laughing, and relaxed work environment.”

If she’s not typing at her computer, you can always find her volunteering her time with her church or volunteering in the community.

Fun facts about the Ruler of Results:

Ultimate Celebrity Crush: Will Smith—answered with a smile, a sigh, and the words, “the man can do it all…”

Secret Skill: Besides dishing the best jokes, being an amazing cook

Biggest Pet Peeve: Whining

Something She Will Never Turn Down: A hug

Go to Karaoke Song: Go Tell it On the Mountain

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