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Kayla: Administrative Assistant

Bug the Bambino

She’s the youngest one on the team, but that doesn’t stop this Administrative Assistant from being a force to be reckoned in the bustle of our office.

Kayla first started at Better Bookkeepers in February 2018. In no time, it was clear that “Bug the Bambino” coming onboard was the best Valentine’s Day gift the team could’ve asked for.

Kayla joined the company eager to absorb all that her unique and fast-paced office position had to offer. Only the strong survive and with the amount of responsibility Kayla has taken on since joining the team, she has flexed those administrative muscles and continues to dominate.

In the coming months, Kayla wishes to refine her ability to perform Live Scans, our digital fingerprinting service, as well as completing her myriad of daily tasks with consistent precision and excellence.

This time next year, Kayla sees herself, “being a part of the fun work environment that is Better Bookkeepers and being super successful in her position here!”

Her favorite part about working for this company is that every day is different and exciting. If Kayla is not holding the office together, she can be found hanging out and doing photoshoots with her friends.

Fun Facts about Bug the Bambino:

Ultimate Celebrity Crush: Chris Brown, duh!

Secret Skill: Can move her ears up and down

Biggest Pet Peeve: Chewing with your mouth open

She Will Never Turn Down: Thai Food

Go To Karaoke Song: Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

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