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Alex: Lead Bookkeeper

Best of the West

If you know her, you know she’s a stellar bookkeeper. Nonetheless, she prefers to be called the “Best of the West” both inside and outside the office.

Alex joined the Better Bookkeepers team in the spring of 2016 with a solid background in bookkeeping and eager to refine her skills. Her military experience, passion for helping others, and energizing personality combine to make her worthy of such a title in “Best of the West.”

In addition to constantly leaving the team in stitches, Alex’s shining qualities are the excellence of her bookkeeping work and her ability to build thriving relationships with her clients. Alex began with a few files and quickly worked her way up to handling several, becoming a pinnacle part of the team while also training up newbies to perform with the same vigorous work ethic.

Alex is zeroing in on improving her organizational skills and is convinced that her new, pretty planner will make all the difference. She’s excited to continue to polish her bookkeeping skills and bring on new clients.

In being the longest-lasting employee of Better Bookkeepers to date, Alex shares that her favorite thing about the company is “the energy in the office,” much of which is thanks to her contribution.

When Alex was asked where she sees herself this time next year, her immediate response was, “pregnant!” Looks like we might be turning our storage room into a makeshift nursery come the new year!

If Alex isn’t cracking jokes in the office, she can be found going on adventures with her son, Carson or indulging in a sappy romance novel on the couch.

Fun Facts about the Best of the West

Ultimate Celebrity Crush: Mark Wahlberg, but Michael B. Jordan popped into mind shortly after

Secret Skill: Private Investigator (seriously she could open up a side business)

Biggest Pet Peeve: Sense of entitlement

She Will Never Turn Down: Tacos

Go to Karaoke Song: I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

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