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Four Ways to Make Resolutions Stick

2018 has been the year that I’ve heard more people than ever say, “I don’t do the New Year Resolution thing. Why try? No one ever keeps them.”

Could that get any more negative? Though it’s true many resolutions that people vow they will keep all year long are, in sad reality, abandoned before February hits, I don’t think a great solution to this annual problem is just to do away with resolutions altogether.

To help us start 2018 off on a good foot and to aid in sticking to your goals that you’ll make throughout the year, here are four great practices for success:


Don’t commit to something that, deep down, isn’t that important to you. We live in a world that’s yelling how we should be vegan, meditate every morning, constantly be happy, fall in love with your soulmate, be the most intelligent person in any room, workout without complaint, have an stunning house and car, and have amazing Instagram feeds. That’s a lot of pressure and when it comes down to it, some elements of the “perfect life” the media is trying to sell us on constantly, if we’re honest with ourselves, we don’t really care that much about.

Saying yes to the right things is just as important as learning how to say no to the wrong things. This takes some introspective work, but when you move into a confident place of rejecting the shame of your messy house or your disinterest in the gym life, it will FREE YOU.

Saying yes to the right things is just as important as

learning how to say no to the wrong things.

Be realistic about what’s actually important to you and label the rest as noise.


We’re forgetful by nature and things get in the way. Our schedules get busy and these grand things that we for a moment are dreaming about doing can get put on the back burner and forgotten quickly.

Remind yourself of what goals you’ve set and do it often. Keep a list you revisit monthly, give yourself due dates to completing goals, and put things on the calendar. One of the most powerful things you can do is pencil your goals into your real schedule and create a plan leading up to that date to completing whatever that goal is.

Pencil your goals into your real schedule.


This could be weird, but give your phone a spring cleaning. Delete distracting games, unwanted clutter, and apps that aren’t helpful to you reaching your goals. We’ll often download apps with the idea that it will make our lives easier or more fun, but a good percentage of them don’t.

Your phone is probably your most utilized possession. It’s vital that you're intentional in deciding what’s at your fingertips 24 hours a day if you’re looking to make 2018 a great, productive year.


Monthly check in’s with where you’re at is a sure way that you don’t get off track. Make an appointment with yourself (seriously, put it on that calendar we were talking about or you’ll never get around to doing it) at the beginning or end of each month to review your progress, determine what needs to be adjusted, and plan for the next month accordingly taking into account time, financial standing, and your own well-being.

I implore you to not do away with New Years Resolutions. They are beautiful invitations to intentionally reset your mind to reaching those goals in your life and planning out the necessary steps in order to reach them. Yes, you can make changes anytime of the year. It doesn’t have to be a new one, but why not take advantage of the 2018 optimism in the air and jump on the train?


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