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Alex: Office Jump-Scarer Optimistically Looks to 2018

Head bookkeeper, Alex is hands-down one of the most colorful contributors to our team. Consistently the prankster and office clown, our office would have more darker days than light if she were not a part of it.

In her reflection of what 2017 was like for her, Alex was most proud of the improvements she noticed in herself as mother of five-year-old, Carson James. As well as gaining a greater understanding of self-care in eating cleaner food and getting her sleep.

When asked about the biggest lessons she learned in the past year, she expressed the strides in greater trust she experienced with boss and friend, Kristie Gardner: “[I learned to trust] that Kristie has my best interest in mind” as well as “learned not to be reactionary and not jump to conclusions and think out why things happen so I can make better conclusions about them.”

A healthier lifestyle and better time management were at the top of Alex’s list in how she plans to grow in 2018. The step she felt would be most beneficial to reaching those goals is “scheduling myself time for the week” in terms of “meal prep all year long. That way I’m not waiting to the last minute. I’m going to do tasks right then and there instead of waiting and completing them as they come.”

For 2018, Alex predicts that Better Bookkeepers is “going to expand into more clientele this year.” And, “Carson’s going to do good in football and excel in sports and learn some manners. He’s going to learn how to ride a bike and tie his own shoes.”

When January 2019 hits, Alex hopes that she’s “gone to Mexico and visited Tahoe in Christmas.”


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