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Holiday Budget Tips & Tricks

One of the most expensive seasons is on the horizon. Don’t dip into the red this holiday season. January doesn’t have to be a Cup of Noodles month with the proper holiday budgeting.

Consider these helpful hints as you set aside your holiday play money!


Let’s hope “It” clown costumes are kept to a minimum this year! No, thank you.

When it comes to Halloween decorations, go the affordable route and hit up the Dollar Stores! Be sure to do it early so you can have your pick of the inventory. It clears out FAST.


One of our favorite holidays! Before you get consumed with Christmas shopping, events, and special holiday functions, be sure to savor and enjoy Thanksgiving. Skip Black Friday and make time for the family, give back to your community.

For Pay It Forward ideas, look here.

To cut costs on Thanksgiving dinner, buy ingredients in bulk weeks before and set the appropriate amount aside in the freezer that you’ll know you’ll need for your feast! This will save you from having to brave the craziness of the grocery stores the week of Turkey Day.


For Christmas shopping, research your favorite places to shop before Christmas season and take advantage of their year-round reoccurring sales to snag the best price on what you want. Starting your shopping October 1st will not only cut down on that end-of-the-season dash to get gifts and give you ample time to find the most thoughtful gifts.

When shopping, remember that nothing is more valuable than quality time with loved ones. If it’s between a great gift or a great time, choose a great time this year.


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