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Are your Ducks in a Row for Tax Season?

Tax season is dangerously close. While it’s ideal to manage your finances at a minimum on a monthly basis throughout the year, busyness of life can derail your efforts leaving you in a pile of receipts. And we know the feeling of not having your ducks in a row.

It doesn’t take much to send your “financial ducks” scattered across the pond in disarray. When tax season comes around, the chaos of trying to get them realigned is more stressful than it has to be.

Do you have your ducks in a row for the coming tax season?

No matter your score, it can feel daunting to sit down and brush up on something as uncomfortable as your finances.

Here are some helpful questions and tips to get you to a good balance before tax season is in full swing.

DUCK #1: Do you have a CPA lined up?

Need to pick a CPA? We recommend:

Tom Balarsky, CPA out of Sacramento

Laurel Larson, CPA out of Vacaville

DUCK #2: Where are those pesky receipts?

Track down any and all receipts from the past 9 months. Try coat pockets, center console of your car, purse and wallets, glove compartment and all the classic places those little scraps of paper show up. Organize them all to be located all in one place—shoebox or zip lock them up!

DUCK #3: How do you plan to organize all tax-relevant data in order to do your taxes?

Things like tracked mileage, paystubs, W-2’s and 1099’s to come, charitable donation statements, and business expenses. Does all this data have a home?

In lieu of formal bookkeeping, a spreadsheet with itemized expenses and totals is a good place to start. At the bare minimum, make sure you have a hard file folder in a safe place to catch all these important documents.

DUCK #4: Where are you on your budget?

If you’re saying “what budget?” Don’t panic. It’s never too late to start learning how to best organize and plan how you’ll spend your income.

Look into the envelope system if you’re starting with the basics and utilize free apps to keep you on track throughout the month like Every Dollar.

Need more guidance?

One of our talents here at Better Bookkeepers is personal finance with an in-house designed and operated budget system to ensure you’re set up to reach your personal financial goals.

Book a free consultation today to find out more.

DUCK #5: Do you make time for fun?

Regardless of your financial standing, no one can go too long without some decompressing relaxation. Note: this doesn’t have to be a full blown vacation. Relaxation shouldn’t break the bank when it doesn’t have to. Prioritize fun things with friends and loved ones—whether it be a hike at Pena Adobe, a pedicure with an old friend, or a trip to Lake Solano!

Need some major bookkeeping clean up? We’re here to help. A free consultation is just a click or call away.


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