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Save on Your Back-to-School Shopping

It seems like every summer that back-to-school date just seems to come back quicker than the last. For the parents that means endlessly running around for school supplies, new clothes and other miscellaneous items students need before heading into the classroom. Before you drop countless dollars try out some of these tips to save this school year.

1. Make A List

Before you just go about shopping and buying whatever you can find, make a list of the essential items your student will need for the school year. This will be incredibly helpful if your student will be going off to college this year and you want to make sure they have everything they will need for dormitory life.

2. See what you still have

Odds are that you still have plenty of last year’s back to school supplies lying somewhere around your home. See what items you still have and what could be used and cross those off your list. This can also be applied to your student’s wardrobe! Before they convince you to buy them an all-new wardrobe see what clothing items still fit and what really needs to be updated.

3. Compare Prices

It may be easier to just hit one store, buy it all and call it a day, however the store you pick could have the worst prices. Before hitting the store compare prices of different stores or online and see where the best deals are and choose to go there to save money.

4. Must buy textbooks?

If your student is headed off to college one of the most expensive items on the list is textbooks. On average one textbook can range from $60 to $200 dollars, add in multiple books and this really adds up! Help your child save by looking at renting textbooks or purchasing second hand.

5. Buy as needed

Chances are that most of the items needed for the classroom do not have to be purchased right away. Look at the calendar and see what items are essential to buy first and which ones you can wait a little longer to stay within a budget.

Ready to save even more this school year? Look into our personal budgeting and finance planning for detailed monthly, quarterly, and/or annual reports to see where you could save to start putting aside money for your children's education.

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