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How to Support a Local Small Business

Within this past year we have seen our community come back together and find a new normal as we transitioned out of the covid outbreak. During those times we saw the fall of many small businesses and the survival of others. For all of these businesses like us, none would be able to thrive without the continued dedication and support of our local community. This holiday season we ask that you think about your community and support local. To assist you with that we have developed a list of great tips to help out small businesses in your community.

1. Shop Locally: Before you head to the big retail stores think about shopping in your local downtown! We are sure you will find unique gifts for all your loved ones. Don’t have time to shop in person? Many small businesses have transitioned to offer online shopping to make your experience even easier.

2. Buy gift cards: Not sure what gifts to buy for your loved ones? Gift cards are a great way to support local shops and restaurants plus they make great gifts for anyone.

3. Give them a shout out: Have a certain store or restaurant that you are just in love with? Give them a shout out on your social media and let everyone online know just how great they are. It’s a great way to get their name out there and it doesn’t cost you anything!

4. Write a review: Have a few minutes? Share some kind words about how you enjoyed the customer service or product. A few words of kindness will go a long way to make a small businesses owner’s day!

Remember at the end of the day these businesses are what help keep the communities we love going. To survive they need all of your support.


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