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How To Celebrate National Give Something Away Day This Year

One of our favorite national holidays is quickly approaching this month, and we wanted to write a blog in honor of it! July 15th is National Give Something Away Day, and at Better Bookkeepers we are very big believers in giving back to the community.

We want to challenge our followers this year to celebrate National Give Something Away Day by giving to a charity of their choice. In this blog, we will be highlighting many different nonprofit organizations that are both local and nationwide to give you a few ideas of where you can give.

Below are a few nonprofits that are not local to the Solano County Area that we wanted to highlight. Click on the names to be redirected to their website in order to learn more about where your giving goes!

This nonprofit seeks to provide loving guidance, education, and support to those who are grieving, want to support someone who is grieving, or working in the grief industry.

Many families can find resources and support from this organization if they or a family member are affected by Autism.

The mission of Endangered Species International is to reverse the trend of human-induced species extinction, saving endangered animals, and preserving wild places.

This organization believes that every child should grow up experiencing the joy of reading. Their nonprofit seeks to bring positive, lasting change to the lives of children in the Eastern Caribbean by teaching them to read and write.

Hunger Fight seeks to to end hunger and illiteracy through the provision of nutritious meals and books to children, seniors and families in need by informing, engaging and mobilizing communities and partners. Their vision is to see children and families have access to food, book programs and the tools necessary to achieve success in future endeavors.

This nonprofit does great work in terms of providing support and resources in order to inspire hope in young families facing the loss of a parent. They also give resources when families are presented with the information that a parent has a terminal illness.

68 Hours of Hunger's mission is to bring awareness and take action in response to the 68 hours that children go hungry. The 68 hours refers to the time they receive free school lunch on a Friday afternoon, to when they can eat again on Monday. There is also a program local to the Vacaville and Fairfield area, as well as many other places across the U.S. Click here to see how you can get connected locally.

Below are a few local organizations you can give to, as well as volunteer at!

This amazing local foundation's mission is to provide assistance and resources to men and women in our local community affected by breast cancer. They offer temporary financial assistance to women who have experienced a financial hardship during their cancer treatments and need help paying for basic living expenses, as well as many other resources such as providing prevention and early detection for under insured men and women.

STAND! is a nonprofit committed to promoting safe and strong families. Their approach to eliminating family violence is not only well-rounded, but community-wide. In addition to providing a complete spectrum of prevention, intervention, and treatment programs, they also enlist the efforts of local residents, partners, and institutions, to stop domestic violence and child abuse.

This organization is dedicated to giving women free of charge care in almost all matters reproductive health. Some examples of the services they provide are: pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, STI testing, cervical cancer screenings, and so much more.

Solano Family & Children Services is a nonprofit Child Care Resource & Referral Agency. They offer and organize affordable or free childcare to those that need it. They additionally offered a lot support to the parents that were essential workers during the COVID19 outbreak, in terms of childcare.

The Opportunity House provides a safe, secure, and drug-free environment for overcoming homelessness. They raise money not only by donations but also through their local thrift store! They not only offer housing but many additional resources and aid to the community.

This nonprofit not only encourages, but they tangibly help support people and families fighting cancer. They do this through meal delivery, support groups, and yard maintenance.

CASA of Solano County advocates for abused, neglected, and other identified children within the court system, with the belief that every child is entitled to a safe and stable home. Help fund the program, or become an advocate for a child yourself!

As you can see from the above list, there are so many people and organizations doing amazing things both inside and out of our community. We know it may be hard to choose a charity, and the one you connect with the most might not even be included in this list.

All that matters is that we continue to raise awareness for these wonderful organizations, and that we never forget that even $1 can help someone in need!

We also wanted to take the time to remind you, there are so many ways to give that have nothing to do with money. You can always volunteer your time to a organization in need, which is just as needed! But don't be afraid to get creative with thinking about how you can use your unique talents and gifting to support a nonprofit near you.

Happy Giving!

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