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Spring Cleaning!!

Spring is coming and it has everyone feeling some type of way! Either you are excited because spring brings warmer weather and pretty flowers, or you are pissed because the air conditioning bill will be up (especially in Vacaville) and allergies are coming.

No matter what side you are on everyone can agree that spring brings the dreadful saying we all hate to hear… “Spring Cleaning”

We have compiled some helpful tips and tricks to make this springtime ritual less daunting and jump start your cleaning!

Say Bye Bye to Stinky Smells!

  • Gym shoes smelling like you deserve a rest day filled with ice cream? Skip the temptation of skipping leg day because your shoes stink by sprinkling some baking soda in your shoes and then taping it out the next time you want to wear them! BAM no more stinky feet at the gym!

  • When life gives you lemons, shove the peels down your garbage disposal and run it with cold water to eliminate the stench of last night's dinner! Oranges work great too!

  • It’s game day and your kids stinky uniform is still dirty from last weeks game. To avoid your baby playing in last weeks stench create a “priority basket”. This holds the items that need to be washed asap making it easy to throw them in with your laundry schedule!

Make Your Bathroom Sparkle!

  • DIY all-purpose cleaner: 4 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 quart of warm water then use a sponge to scrub your counters, tub, shower, and everything else!

  • Create an aesthetically pleasing environment in your bathroom by scraping ugly packaging and opting for cute jars and baskets to store all your necessities!

  • Restore your shower head pressure back to full on massage mode by tieing a bag of equal parts white vinegar and water around it and letting it sit for one hour!

Miscellaneous but Tedious Things!

  • Nobody wins when it comes time to dust off the blades of your fan. All the particles fall from the blade to literally everything below. To avoid extra cleaning and sneezing drape an open pillowcase surrounding the blade to allow the dust to get c

aught inside!

  • Our favorite mugs turn not so cute very quickly by letting our coffee and tea sit for a little too long in them. For some extra scrubbing power add baking soda to your normal cleaning process!

More Tips + Tricks

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