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Put a Trusted "Quarterback" on Your Financial Team

On February 4, many of us watch[ed] the Super Bowl. As a fan, you can admire the way quarterbacks direct their teams. But as an investor, you may want to put together your own team to help you achieve your financial objectives – and you may find it helpful to have your own “quarterback.”


Your financial team might consist of a financial advisor, a tax professional and an attorney. Ideally, your financial professional – the individual with the broadest view of your financial situation – should serve as the quarterback.

And, as quarterback, your financial advisor needs to communicate with the other team members constantly. For example, you and your advisor can work with your tax professional on how your retirement plan contributions might affect your tax bracket.

Also, you and your financial advisor should work with your attorney to integrate your financial assets into your important legal documents, such as your will and living trust.

With the right team in place, and the right quarterback to lead it, you can keep moving toward your financial goals – and you might cut down on “fumbles” along the way.

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