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Nathalia: Loved Newbie Determined to Succeed in 2018

Nathalia is the newest addition to our team and has already become an important part of our office. Full of surprising silliness and intelligence, Nathalia has shined in her work as she has increasingly gotten more comfortable with clients and her daily tasks while being very driven by her strive for excellence in all she does.

In her reflection and looking forward of 2018, she had this to say:

“[In 2017] for sure one of my biggest accomplishments was to come to work here and to work on something that goes with what I want to become—more in the direction I want to go.” Nathalia came into her interview with the long-term goal of becoming a CPA, growing in her skills as a bookkeeper, and centering her career around numbers and finances. She shared how the biggest lesson she learned in the past year was, “to keep going and never look back.”

Though she’s been with us for a short time, it has become quite clear that Nathalia is full of incredible drive and with such determination, we have no doubt that her dreams to grow in her financial career will be realized. We’re excited to be a stepping stone in that journey for her.

Looking to 2018, Nathalia expressed a desire for progression in the area of greater confidence, sharing: “I want to become secure in myself and trust what I’m doing and become confident in my professional career.” As well, Nathalia is in the same boat as many in that she plans on making 2018 the year of a step toward a “healthier lifestyle.”

When asked what steps she’s planning on taking to achieve these goals, she replied: “I want to learn from every opportunity I get and work on more challenging files. I want to begin believing in myself. I want to feel okay when I make a mistake. I don’t like making mistakes. It’s part of me. It’s how I was raised. I always had to be my best.” Nathalia concluded in her answer that once she makes it to a place of making peace with failure, success will come quicker and she will be more free to challenge herself with things she would’ve previously felt apprehensive about.

Looking even further ahead, Nathalia expressed that this time next year, “I want to feel proud of myself in January 2019 and [I want] my dad feel proud of me.”


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