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Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

When might you need the help of a financial professional? Actually, you can benefit from the services of a financial advisor at many life events.


For starters, when you begin your career, you could use some help in choosing the right investments in your employer’s retirement plan. And when you change jobs, you’ll need to know what to do with that plan.


When you get married, you and your spouse could use some guidance in setting joint goals and establishing appropriate investment strategies. And if you have children, you can rely on a financial professional to present you with some college-savings options.


Finally, as you enter retirement, you should know how much you can withdraw each year from your retirement accounts without running the risk of outliving your resources. And you’ll have questions on when to take Social Security and other key issues.

Most important life events will carry some financial concerns. But you don’t have to face these challenges alone – and by getting the help you need, you can ease the transition from one stage of life to another.

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