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April Insights


Happy Easter and Spring to You and Yours!

Here's to a change in the weather, new growth, and excitement for the future.


Receipts and Mileage Tracking Reminder

Remember to keep track of all your mileage and receipts!


NEW on the Better Bookkeepers Website:


For Your Flower Needs

Check out The Bouqs Co. for affordable cut-to-order arrangements. Start a subscription for your reception area/office to always have fresh and inviting flowers!


Use Groupon for Your Next Date

Struggle to find something fun to do for your next date?

Browse Groupon for fun experiences in your area!


Live Scan and Notary Services

Available at Better Bookkeepers

Helpful resources and forms available here.


Get Involved with the

Vacaville Chamber of Commerce

Tons of invaluable resources are provided through the events put on by the Vacaville Chamber of Commerce throughout the month. Look below to explore what will be offered this month!

Not a member of the Chamber? You won't regret it. A price can't be put on the networking opportunities and connections available within a Chamber membership. Join the Chamber TODAY.


6 Tips for Better Work and Life Balance

We all have that constant tension of the stress of business and balancing family life and spending time with friends. Skim these 6 Tips for a Better Work and Life Balance.


Small Business Owners Must Protect Their Futures

Take these helpful insights from Kimber Smith with Edward Jones Financial:

"If you’re a small-business owner, you think a lot about your needs for today. But don’t forget about tomorrow. Specifically, do you have a retirement plan for yourself? You have several good options. For example, you could open an owner-only 401(k), which offers many of the same advantages of a 401(k) offered by big companies to their employees.

Or, if you have just a few employees or are self-employed with no employees, you might consider a SEP IRA. If you have fewer than 10 employees, you could establish a SIMPLE IRA, but this plan may be more advantageous to your workers than to you.

And here’s a plan whose existence might surprise you: a defined benefit plan, which works very much like those traditional pension plans that seem to be vanishing from the scene. A defined benefit plan has high contribution limits and, like the other retirement plans, is typically funded with tax-deductible contributions.

To determine which plan is right for you, consult with your tax advisor or financial professional. But don’t wait too long – the future will be here before you know it.

This is Kimber Smith, your Edward Jones Financial Advisor

Located at 4767 Mangels Blvd.

Fairfield, CA 94534

Phone: 707-863-0896

Edward Jones, its employees and financial advisors cannot provide tax or legal advice. You should consult your attorney or qualified tax advisor regarding your situation. Member SIPC"

Click HERE to learn more about Edward Jones Financial

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