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Happiness & Wealth

Everyone fantasizes about the idea of being a millionaire at one point in their life. What they would buy, who they would help, and where they would go with all that money. Oftentimes people believe that the more successful they are, and the more money they make, the happier they will be.

Did you know that is not entirely true. The popular saying “money doesn’t buy happiness” is true to a certain degree. Once you have enough money to cover your bills and lifestyle, increasing the amount of money you have does not directly increase happiness. In fact, Time reported in 2010 that once you reach 75K a year, happiness reaches its peak when compared to how much you make.

What is even more interesting is that we have all the power to control our own happiness. Our friends at PIVOT have broken it down in their happiness module which explains that we are born with a genetic set point of 50% when it comes to happiness. However another 40% is determined by intentional activities and another 10% by life circumstances. This means that we can increase our happiness from our baseline of 50% to 70%-90% all by our actions!

Head over to to read more but this is something we had to share! Instead of running yourself to the ground working for your wealth, try doing something that genuinely brings you happiness!


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