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Our Services 

We are a Small Business - Supporting other Small Businesses. We care about your brand and go the extra step to make your digital marketing personal and real. Say no to generic stock photos and say YES to

Better Marketing!

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Social Media Marketing

Monthly Social Media Planning for multiple platforms at once! We will work with you to determine what platforms to use, how often to post, and when to post. You no longer have to worry about any social media postings! 

Content Creation

We create appealing graphics that will bring more eyes to you business. The key to successful digital marketing is providing valuable content to your customers!

Brand Aesthetics 

What do you want people to see when they think of your brand? We will work with you to create a cohesive aesthetic that matches your vision. 

Website Development 

No matter the current condition of your website, we can help! If you have a solid foundation that just needs a more personal touch for your brand, we can help! If you need to start from step one, we can help!

Brand Photography 

Quality photos displaying everything about your business will take your digital marketing to the next level! This could be included in your package or added on at anytime. 

Digital Marketing Training

If you want to grow your digital presence yourself but are unsure where to start, we would love to help! We can give you all the tools you and your team to start your own path.


• Monthly Scheduling of 2 Social Media Platforms

• Complete Branding Guide 

• Posting 2xs a week on both platforms

• Carefully Planned Calendar and Analytics Report Once a Month


• Monthly Scheduling of 2 Social Media Platforms

• Complete Branding Guide 

• Posting 3xs a Week on All Platforms

Weekly Account Management 

• Carefully Planned Calendar and Proposal Monthly

• Monthly Maintenance Included (up to 3 hours)

• Ads/Promotion Planning

• Monthly Check in and Goal Planning

• Monthly Detailed Analytics/Insights Report


• Everything listed in the Silver Package 

• Monthly Scheduling of 3 Social Media Platforms 

• Posting 4xs a week on all platforms

Weekly Account Management 

• Basic Website Updates and Hosting



• Everything listed in the Silver Package 

• Monthly Scheduling of 4 Social Media Platforms 

• Posting daily (if desired) on all platforms

• Dedicated Account Management  

• Website Updates and Hosting

• 1 Blog Post

• 1 Onsite Visit for Photography/Video content 


All packages shown above include: 

30 minute monthly meetings, content research, design, edits, caption creation, overall aesthetic creation, graphic design if necessary

Are You A New Business?

Be sure to mention that when you schedule your FREE Consultation!

Looking for something different?

We would still love to help and offer custom packages to clients that are looking for something more tailored to their needs!

Contact Our Marketing Director Today!

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