Before you start pulling out your Christmas tree and Rubbermaid of festive wrapping paper, let us clarify: it is time to start thinking about Christmas because it is July. It may seem too far out to b...

In today's society we are often concerned with being the best whatever it takes. This is seen not only in the business world but in people's everyday lives. People tend to put mental health, self care...

In honor of National Day of Encouragement:

Are you working to live or living to work? This is the question that plagued me as a business owner for the past several years. I had this dream that was so v...

Take a whack at our personal tax tips and tricks test and see just how tax savvy you really are.

Inspiration, motivation, and enriching ideas filled the Sunrise Event Center on the first of March at this year’s annual Innovation Summit.

The bad news: starting 2018, the IRS will no longer allow tax-write offs for entertainment expenses and will only give a 50% write off for business meals. What does this mean for you? No more writin...

Want to grow beyond your current leadership abilities? Explore the thoughts on Kristie's most recent experience undergoing Leadership Today!

As an investor, you may want to put together your own team to help you achieve your financial objectives...

Is 2018 the year you start that new business venture? It can be hard to know. Take a quiz to find out!

When might you need the help of a financial professional? Actually, you can benefit from the services of a financial advisor at many life events...

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